Meet Our Licensed Pain Doctors/Specialists

George H. Drakes, MD

“Metro Spine is dedicated to providing you with high-quality personal care to alleviate your pain. Our team of multi-disciplinary pain management specialists is highly experienced in advanced and innovative pain treatment and rehabilitation techniques. Our approach is comprehensive, personal and responsible. We work collaboratively with you to assess and diagnose your pain and provide you with the right pain management solution and interventional treatment to improve the quality of your life..”

“Our accomplished team provides comprehensive pain management solutions through personalized and advanced care to help restore you to healthy, pain-free living.”

Dr. George Drakes, Medical Director

Dr. Drakes founded Metro Spine Pain Centers (formerly Community Physical Medicine & Pain Center) in 1993 with the inspiration to make a difference in the lives of people who have chronic pain conditions. He leads a team of top professionals whose advanced care and innovative approach has brought relief to thousands of people.